Moving South...

Over the next few months I'll be relocating to the East Coast of Florida, so expect to see some new, non-New England images soon!!!

Online training

Several of you who stopped by on Saturday asked me about photography eduction and online training.  I recommeded Kelby Training.  If you click the link below, you can get a 10% discount.



Art in the Park

Thanks to all who stopped by yesterday and an extra special thanks to all who purchased prints or placed orders!  Don't forget to follow me on twitter @tomswhitney for current promos and discounts like the one below.

My spot at site 51.

My spot at site 51.

It was a pleasure talking to all who came by.  If you saw something that you liked,  but weren't sure what to buy, please check out my store.

Use discount code AITP2014 for 15% off any item!  

This code is entered during the checkout process (look for the enter promotional code link).  The reduced price will then show and the order will proceed.

BTW - If you don't see what you are looking for in the store, please comment or leave me a note and I'll get it added.  Thanks.

Old Port Festival

Thanks to everyone who came to my booth at the Old Port Festival.  I appreciate your business, sales, and leads, as well as your feedback.

It was a pleasure to speak to all of you.



Full Frame Advantage

Here are a couple of the first shots from my first FF sensor.   The first one is around 25mm, which is close to what an image taken with this lens would look like if taken at 17mm on a cropped frame sensor.  The second is the same shot, but at a true 17mm on a FF sensor. 25mm on full frame is close to 17mm on cropped sensor

17mm on a full frame.

This is the reason that only the lens that I sold with my 7D was an EF-S mount - all of my remaining lenses are standard lenses.