I am a photographer from Maine who now lives on the Space Coast of Florida.

I love capturing images of all kinds, not just one style. From studio macro, to candid portraits, to long exposure landscapes, I enjoy them all.

I also appreciate the art of printing. To that end, all of my images are available, hand printed by me, in a variety of materials including canvas and fine art papers.

Please send me an email at and indicate which image you are interested in and I will quote you a price.

All prints are money back guaranteed.

Artist's Statement

I am an Electrical Engineer by education and trade. I have always had a technical mind while at the same time, I have always had a talent for creativity and an artistic perspective: an ability to take the ordinary and make it unusual. 

The Engineer tends to see the world through the lens of the left brain: all logical and symmetric. Everything can be quantified, categorized, and calculated. Today's digital cameras satisfy all of those needs, for the mechanics of operating the camera can be very technical and detailed indeed. But a photograph is a photograph is a photograph if it has no soul! 

The Artist on the other hand sees the world through the lens of the right brain: the creative, the spontaneous, abstract and asymmetric. The artist gives art it's soul. But the artist without the technical grasp of the medium is a lost soul. 

Each lens captures something unique, something wonderful, but together, they bring depth to that vision. 

For me, photography represents the intersection of technology and art. Each can stand on it's own, but together, they create magic. Like the separation and integration of our left and right eyes, we see depth. This intersection of the two, or the balance if you will, can often be seen in great designs, for great designs are also the combination of the technical and the artistic. Whether it be the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, of the elegance and simplicity of an iPhone. 

The same can be said for my approach to processing and printing. Taking an image from the RAW camera file in the digital domain and transforming it into a carefully color matched and printed piece of art on archival papers requires that stereoscopic view. 

Many artists are satisfied to have others print their work for them, but I am not. All of my images are hand printed by me with love and care. You may also see the same image processed differently over time. Artistic vision is not a snapshot, but rather a growing and evolving part of us...